Disc Type Magnetic Couplings: Shaft Fixing Methods

Disc type magnetic couplings offer various shaft fixing methods to suit your application's needs. Here's a breakdown of the three main options:

How many methods are there to fix disc type magnetic couplings?

  • Type A: Suitable for magnetic disc couplings with diameters up to 24mm. This method is not recommended for larger diameters due to potential slippage.

  • Type B (Keyed): Ideal for couplings exceeding 24mm. This cost-effective method utilizes a key to prevent slipping and offers a secure fit. However, it may leave slight marks on the shaft.

  • Type C (Keyed): deal for couplings exceeding 24mm. Provides a secure connection for all sizes and prevents slipping. This method offers superior shaft protection compared to Type B but comes at a higher cost.



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