1. Product Security

1.1 Quality Assurance

Our factory has been designing, producing, and manufacturing magnet products since 2010. We supply customers in the USA, Japan, Korea, and Germany. Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by our ISO 9001 and SGS certifications. Every product undergoes a thorough inspection before shipment, and we provide a quality inspection report to the customer. Additionally, we can include a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) with your product upon request.

1.2 Custom Product Warranty

When you submit your custom drawings, our engineering team will thoroughly evaluate the feasibility of the product. We communicate the results of this evaluation promptly and transparently. Our goal is to create a product that effectively meets your needs, not just a generic magnet. We understand the importance of this, and in the past, we've provided full refunds to customers before production began to avoid any unnecessary costs.

Customized products are manufactured to your exact specifications. If the production doesn't meet our high standards, we take full responsibility for rework and repair. We will promptly notify you of any design defects we identify. However, we cannot assume responsibility for defects caused by your design.

1.3 Standard Product Warranty

The specifications and dimensions of our standard products are clearly stated on our website and in all correspondence. If a standard product is damaged within three months of purchase under normal use and conditions, we will provide repair parts free of charge, upon proof of damage.

Acceptable proof of damage can include a video, written description, or photographs that clearly show the issue. Upon receiving such evidence, we will send you the necessary parts to repair your equipment at no cost.

2. Transaction Security

For first-time customers, we recommend using Alibaba Trade Assurance for secure transactions.

We understand that some buyers, especially first-time customers, may have concerns about transaction security. By supporting Alibaba Trade Assurance, we can alleviate these concerns and provide a secure buying experience.

However, as an original factory seller with lower profit margins, Alibaba Trade Assurance fees are not covered by us. Therefore, for orders under $2,000 USD, using Alibaba Trade Assurance requires a $100 USD handling fee to be paid by the buyer.

3. Customer Information Security

3.1 Information Security

We are committed to safeguarding your personal information with the highest level of data privacy and security.

This includes all email communication records, customer personal and company information, and contract content. We maintain strict confidentiality of this information.

3.2 SSL Encryption

Our website utilizes SSL encryption, the industry-standard security technology, to create a secure connection between our web server and your browser. This ensures that all data transmitted between our server and your browser remains private and protected. Millions of websites worldwide use SSL/TLS to secure online transactions.

For more information on data security, please refer to our Privacy Policy.