How to order with us

Order CCmagnetics products in a few simple steps.

1.1 Confirm magnet product details

Buyers need to provide the model, size, coating, and magnetization direction of the magnet assembly, and our sales will tell you the price.

1.2Confirm the delivery method of goods

Buyers need to provide a shipping address to determine the shipping method and delivery time.

2.1 Payment

After confirming the product details and delivery method, the buyer will receive the PI and payment account number. CCmagnetics only supports T/T payment (Telegraphic transfer payment).

Note: If the buyer is worried about the safety of the first transaction, he/she can choose to use the third-party Alibaba trade assurance. for orders below $2,000, the buyer needs to pay a transaction fee of $100 per transaction.

2.2 Shipping

Usually, we will ship the goods within the agreed time using the shipping method requested by the customer. We also support customers to use their own logistics agents to pick up goods from our factory in China.

3.1 Free warranty within 3 months

We provide free warranty within 90 days after the buyer receives the goods. For more than 90 days, paid maintenance services are provided.

3.2 Return

If the buyer provides evidence that our goods are not qualified, we support returns. There are no returns available on custom-made eligible products.