Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of payment do you accept?

We only support TT payment.(Telegraphic transfer payment)
Our transaction process supports alibaba trade assurance, so you don't need to worry about their security.

What is your lead-time after I place a purchase order?

Usually take 2-3 weeks. If it is needed to make a mold, it may take a longer time. For a large production quantity purchase order, say ten thousand pieces, it may take a longer time.

Can I have a free sample of your magnets?

Our company’s policy does not allow us to send out free samples. We keep our operation overhead low, so that we can offer our customers with our quality magnets at very competitive prices.

How do I pick-up the magnets I need, if you do not list the magnet sizes on your webpage?

First, decide the shape and size of magnets, which can server you applications best. Then visit our webpages “How to Choose Permanent Magnet Materials” and “How to Choose a Grade” to decide the material and grade of the magnets you need. Next step is to go to Quotation Request to fill up the form with the information on the magnets and quantity required. After you click the “Submit” button, we will receive your request and provide you with our price quotation.
You could also send drawings to our email: [email protected]

What is your minimum order in value?

Product value not less than $100

How long will it take to receive your price quotation?

Usually take 1-3 working days. However, if we are not able to supply the magnets you need, such as, either the size is too big, or the shape is too complicated, we may not provide you with our price quotation.

Can I have a catalog of your magnets?

Unfortunately, we do not print product catalogs.
Please refer to our website for product information:

Do you supply permanent magnets with standard sizes?

No. From our experience in serving our customers, we realized that each customer has his/her own requirement for the magnets in terms of materials, shape, size, coating, and tolerance for his/her applications. Therefore, it is difficult for us to keep all of so-called “standard size” magnets in our inventory. We can supply the magnets meeting your custom demand in a short turn-over time.

Do you supply magnet applications with standard sizes?

YES. We can provide both standard and customized products.

Our current magnet applications: magnetic gears, magnetic couplings, magnetic encoders, and more.

For standard products please refer to the parameter descriptions on each of our product pages.