CCmagnetics brand was established in 2010 and serves as the online presence of the.  Based in Beijing, China, the company is a formal commercial entity that is registered with the Chinese industrial and commercial authorities.Our credo is: sincerity is the foundation of business.
Our company is a renowned global magnet manufacturer, specializing in bonded magnets, hot-pressed magnets, and magnet transmission assemblies. These products are primarily exported to developed countries and regions, including Japan, Korea, the United States, Europe, and Taiwan.
CCmagnetics' Main Products Include:
- Multistage ring magnets for magnetic encoders
- Magnet transmission assembly (magnetic gears & couplings)
- Bonded NdFeB magnets and associated assemblies
- Hot-pressed magnets and associated assemblies
- Sintered magnets and associated assemblies
How to order with us ?

Why choose CCmagnetics

We must create products that solve customer issues when we get customer order. This will enable us to obtain subsequent transactions.
This is the only way to generate long-term profits for both buyers and sellers.