What are non-contact magnetic drive gears?


Magnetic drive gear are magnetic force drive transmission component. This is of non-contact magnetic force transmission type and thus, can be used with ultra low particle generation and quietness.


The Pros and Cons: Non-Contact Magnetic Drive Gears vs Mechanical Gears Parallel Axes Magnetic Gear
Pros of mechanical gear VS Pros of Magnetic gear
1. High very high torque/mass (specific torque) 1. Non-contact
2. High very high efficiency 1.1No lubrication
3. Mature technology 1.2Low maintenance
2. Easily integrated in electric machines
3. Potentially low vibration
Cons of mechanical gear VS Cons of magnetic gear
1. Contact-related wear failure 1. Unknown limits on specific torque efficiency
1.1.Requires lubrication system(s) 2. Magnet temperature limit
1.2Routine costly maintenance 3. Individual magnet interaction weaker than 1 gear tooth pair
2. Strong tonal vibration cabin noise

A Step-by-Step Guide to Comparing Non-Contact Magnetic Drive Gears and Mechanical Gears

Pros of Magnetic Gears:

1. These gears operate without contact, eliminating the need for lubrication.
2. They require minimal maintenance, making them an attractive option.
3. Their compatibility with electric machines is seamless.
4. Magnetic gears have the potential to produce less vibration.

Cons of Magnetic Gears:

1. The limits of their specific torque efficiency are yet to be determined.
2. They have a specified temperature limit for the magnets.
3. The interaction between individual magnets may be weaker than that of one gear tooth pair.

Pros of Mechanical Gears:

1. They boast an impressive specific torque, making them highly efficient in transferring power.
2. With their advanced technology, they offer reliability and efficiency.
3. Their robust design ensures durability, making them a mature and trusted solution.

Cons of Mechanical Gears:

1. Wear and tear due to contact can lead to failure, requiring regular maintenance.
1.1.They necessitate the use of lubrication systems.
1.2.Expensive and routine upkeep are necessary.
2. Their operation generates strong tonal vibrations and cabin noise.

By incorporating these insights, you can make an informed decision when choosing between mechanical and magnetic gears.

How to get non-contact magnetic drive gears parameters?

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