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Hailing from Rwanda, Paul's company is at the forefront of environmental protection, tackling the pollution of Lake Victoria. Their mission demands reliable equipment, and magnetic couplings are crucial components in their magnetic pumps. For the past decade, Paul's company had sourced couplings from European and American suppliers, finding their quality slightly superior to those from CCmagnetics. However, this came at a steep price – 2-3 times higher.

Seeking a balance between quality and cost-efficiency, Paul's team made a pivotal decision. They switched to CCmagnetics couplings, a move that has proven to be a resounding success. The transition has not only significantly reduced their operational costs but also enhanced their work efficiency. CCmagnetics couplings have demonstrated exceptional performance, matching the quality of their European and American counterparts while delivering substantial cost savings. This partnership has enabled Paul's company to continue their vital environmental work with greater efficiency and financial sustainability.


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