Bonded stator magnets , aluminum cover wrapped magnetic stator.


1. Bonded magnets possess higher magnetic properties compared to ferrite magnets and are comparable to sintered magnets. Additionally, they exhibit exceptional consistency and stability in their magnetic properties.
2. Bonded magnets provide greater design flexibility and precision in their dimensions. The magnet’s shape and dimensions are determined by the tooling, such as rings, segments, blocks, etc., without requiring further sintering or mechanical processing.
3. Bonded magnets demonstrate good corrosion resistance. They can remain workable under normal or unfavorable environmental conditions for an extended period by applying an epoxy coating or through special surface treatment.
4. Bonded magnets offer diverse magnetization methods, including multi-pole magnetization and skew angle magnetization. The field distribution can be square, sinusoidal, etc.
5. Bonded NdFeB magnets are suitable for high-efficiency mass production.

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