What is an Alibaba trade assurance?

Trade Assurance is a free service to buyers offered by Alibaba.com that's designed to help create trust between buyers and suppliers. Trade Assurance covers you in the event of shipping or quality-related disputes.
You're covered if:

  • Your products are not shipped on time as per the contract with your supplier
  • Your products do not meet the quality standards as per the contract with your supplier

Why do we support its use for trading?

The ccmagnetics team will empathize with customers' concerns. For trading partners who are trading for the first time, some buyers may be worried about transaction security. By supporting alibaba trade assurance, we can dispel buyers' concerns about transaction security.

However, since ccmagnetics is an original factory seller, profits are slim. Alibaba trade assurance is not free for sellers. Therefore, when the total amount of a single order is less than us$2,000, using alibaba trade assurance requires the buyer to pay an additional us$100 handling fee.

How to use alibaba trade assurance for trading?

After the buyer and seller confirm the goods details and delivery time, the buyer will receive the handling fee payment account and the alibaba trade assurance order payment link. Just pay according to the instructions on the page.If buyers have any questions, ccmagnetics' sales staff will help you promptly. Gradually building trust with customers is the most important thing for ccmagnetics.

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