What's are magnetic couplings?

Magnetic couplings transmit the torque without contact through magnetic forces between the internal and external rotor.They ensure hermetic separation between driving and driven side in pumps and agitators sealing hazardous liquids and gases reliably.As a result they prevent serious leakages operating as a reliable alternative to usual dynamic shaft seals.Usually the magnetic couplings will be used ingear pumps,PU foaming lines,agitators,screw spindle pumps,centrifugal pumps.

What is the structure of magnetic couplings ?

What is the structure of magnetic couplings ?

The coupling consists of an external rotor and an internal rotor. Additionally, there is a non magnetic containment shroud whose role is to isolate the internal and external rotors.The external rotor has got  high-quality, permanent magnets of changing polarity on the inner side while the internal rotor has got them on the outside.The external rotor is usually fixed on the drive side and the magnets are fixed in the keyways. The magnets of the internal rotor on the driven side are fully encapsulated.

How does the magnetic couplings work?

Magnetic couplings

Magnetic Motor Couplings


In their non operative states the north and south poles of the rotors face each otherand the magnetic field is completely symmetric. It is only when the rotors are twisted that the magnetic field lines are moved, hence the torque is transmitted through the air gap. Then there is a synchronous operation under a constant torsion angle.If the maximum coupling torque and the maximum torsion angle are exceeded, the power transmission is interrupted.

How to Customize magnetic couplings?

Before starting to customize, the customer needs to confirm not only the size of the magnetic couplings, but also the maximum temperature of the coupler's working environment. What is the medium that the magnetic couplings is in contact with? For example: water, oil or corrosive liquid. Whether there is pressure in the working environment of the coupler, for example, some foods need to be processed in a high-pressure environment. All of the above situations need to be told to us, and we will give you the best solution.

Magnetic couplings

Magnetic Torque Coupling



How much are magnetic couplings?

The magnetic couplings Tommy used to demonstrate in the video cost $500, but they can be cheaper if customized in large quantities.


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