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We have compiled a list of all the disc magnet products sold by TEMU in the United States and have made these sizes and specifications into a table. We hope to assist customers in quickly selecting the products they require. We will regularly update the tables with any broken links.

If these standard-size disc magnets do not meet the customer's needs, please contact us and we can assist in customizing them. If there are errors in the form or areas that require improvement, please contact us.

Neodymium Disc & Cylinder Magnets

Neodymium (also known as "NdFeb", "NIB" or "Neo") disc magnets are the most powerful rare-earth magnets available today. Available in disc and cylinder shapes, Neodymium magnets have magnetic properties that far exceed all other permanent magnet materials. They are high in magnetic strength, moderately priced, and able to perform well in ambient temperatures. As a result, they are the most widely used Rare-Earth magnets for industrial, technical, commercial, and consumer applications.

NO. Dia×Thk
Order Link
1 0.08in×0.04in 2mm×1mm Order Now
2 0.12in×0.04in 3mm×1mm Order Now
3 0.12in×0.08in 3mm×2mm Order Now
4 0.12in×0.15in 3mm×4mm Order Now
5 0.12in×0.2in 3mm×5mm Order Now
6 0.16in×0.04in 4mm×1mm Order Now
7 0.16in×0.06in 4mm×1.5mm Order Now
8 0.16in×0.08in 4mm×2mm Order Now
9 0.16in×0.12in 4mm×3mm Order Now
10 0.16in×0.16in 4mm×4mm Order Now
11 0.16in×0.32in 4mm×8mm Order Now
12 0.16in×0.39in 4mm×10mm Order Now
13 0.19in×0.04in 5mm×1mm Order Now
14 0.19in×0.08in 5mm×2mm Order Now
15 0.19in×0.1in 5mm×2.5mm Order Now
16 0.19in×0.12in 5mm×3mm Order Now
17 0.19in×0.19in 5mm×5mm Order Now
18 0.19in×0.32in 5mm×8mm Order Now
19 0.23in×0.1in 5.8mm×2.5mm Order Now
20 0.23in×0.06in 6mm×1.6mm Order Now
21 0.236in×0.08in 6mm×2mm Order Now
22 0.236in×0.12in 6mm×3mm Order Now
23 0.236in×0.236in 6mm×6mm Order Now
24 0.236in×0.39in 6mm×10mm Order Now
25 0.28in×0.08in 7mm×2mm Order Now
26 0.28in×0.2in 7mm×5mm Order Now
27 0.31in×0.1in 7.8mm×2.5mm Order Now
28 0.32in×0.04in 8mm×1mm Order Now
29 0.32in×0.08in 8mm×2mm Order Now
30 0.32in×0.12in 8mm×3mm Order Now
31 0.32in×0.2in 8mm×5mm Order Now
32 0.32in×0.32in 8mm×8mm Order Now
33 0.32in×0.39in 8mm×10mm Order Now
34 0.36in×0.04in 9mm×1mm Order Now
35 0.36in×0.08in 9mm×2mm Order Now
36 0.39in×0.04in 10mm×1mm Order Now
37 0.39in×0.06in 10mm×1.5mm Order Now
38 0.39in×0.08in 10mm×2mm Order Now
39 0.39in×0.1in 10mm×2.5mm Order Now
40 0.39in×0.12in 10mm×3mm Order Now
41 0.39in×0.2in 10mm×5mm Order Now
42 0.39in×0.32in 10mm×8mm Order Now
43 0.39in×0.39in 10mm×10mm Order Now
44 0.39in×0.79in 10mm×20mm Order Now
45 0.47in×0.08in 12mm×2mm Order Now
46 0.47in×0.1in 12mm×2.5mm Order Now
47 0.47in×0.12in 12mm×3mm Order Now
48 0.47in×0.19in 12mm×5mm Order Now
49 0.47in×0.39in 12mm×10mm Order Now
50 0.59in×0.04in 15mm×1mm Order Now
51 0.59in×0.08in 15mm×2mm Order Now
52 0.59in×0.12in 15mm×3mm Order Now
53 0.59in×0.16in 15mm×4mm Order Now
54 0.59in×0.39in 15mm×10mm Order Now
55 0.63in×0.32in 16mm×8mm Order Now
56 0.7in×0.08in 18mm×2mm Order Now
57 0.7in×0.12in 18mm×3mm Order Now
58 0.79in×0.08in 20mm×2mm Order Now
59 0.79in×0.12in 20mm×3mm Order Now
60 0.79in×0.16in 20mm×4mm Order Now
61 0.79in×0.2in 20mm×5mm Order Now
62 0.79in×0.24in 20mm×6mm Order Now
63 0.79in×0.32in 20mm×8mm Order Now
64 0.79in×0.39in 20mm×10mm Order Now
65 0.79in×0.59in 20mm×15mm Order Now
66 0.79in×0.79in 20mm×20mm Order Now
67 0.98in×0.08in 25mm×2mm Order Now
68 0.98in×0.12in 25mm×3mm Order Now
69 0.98in×0.2in 25mm×5mm Order Now
70 0.98in×0.39in 25mm×10mm Order Now
71 1.18in×0.08in 30mm×2mm Order Now
72 1.18in×0.12in 30mm×3mm Order Now
73 1.26in×0.08in 32mm×2mm Order Now
74 1.26in×0.12in 32mm×3mm Order Now
75 1.26in×0.16in 32mm×4mm Order Now
76 1.57in×0.19in 40mm×5mm Order Now
77 1.57in×0.79in 40mm×20mm Order Now
78 1.97in×1.18in 50mm×30mm Order Now
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