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We have compiled a list of all the Hook Magnets products sold by TEMU in the United States and have made these sizes and specifications into a table. We hope to assist customers in quickly selecting the products they require. We will regularly update the tables with any broken links.

If these standard-size disc magnets do not meet the customer's needs, please contact us and we can assist in customizing them. If there are errors in the form or areas that require improvement, please contact us.

Neodymium Hook Magnets

Neodymium hook magnets are highly effective for holding strong and small objectsThey are commonly used for hanging heavy objects, tools, lights, equipment, signs and banners, organizing cables, wires and other items in warehouses, offices, workstations and more.

Hook magnets are suitable for use in your studio, kitchen, and workshop, they will keep your work organized. They can be placed and combined very flexibly.



Type Magnet Diameter Maximum tension Product Link
1 0.94in/24mm 28.6lb/13KG Order Now
1 0.63in/16mm 25lb/11.34KG Order Now
1 0.78in/20mm 30lb/13.6KG Order Now
1 1.4in/36mm 90lb/41KG Order Now
1 1.26in/32mm 110lb/49.9KG Order Now
1 0.47in /12mm 13lb/6KG Order Now
1 0.98in/25mm 55lb+/25KG Order Now
1 0.63in/16mm 18lb/8.2KG Order Now
2 1.65in/42mm 160lb/72.5KG Order Now
2 0.63in/16mm 15.4lb/7KG Order Now
2 0.98in/25mm 60lb/27KG Order Now
2 0.78in/20mm 26.4lb/12KG Order Now
2 1.65in/42mm 160lb/72.5KG Order Now
2 1.65in/42mm 160lb/72.5KG Order Now
2 0.97in/24.6mm 50lb/22KG Order Now
2 0.78in/20mm 25lb/11KG Order Now
2 1.26in/32mm 100lb/45KG Order Now
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