Hot-Pressed NdFeB Ring Magnets


  1. This product exhibits high magnetic performance, with radial orientation and uniform radial magnetic properties. Additionally, it has excellent heat resistance, with a maximum working temperature of 180°C.
  2. High magnetic performance,with (BH)max in magnet radial direction reaching 395kJ/m3.
  3. The magnet ring is radially-oriented with uniform magnetic field,which can guarantee silent motor operation and smooth torque output.
  4. The magnetic pole number and skew angle of the magnet do not need to be pre-designated during the pressing process. Insteadthey can be adjusted through the magnetization yoke, providing customers with greater design flexibility.
  5. The magnetic wave form of the magnet can be customized as square wave or other special wave forms.
  6. The magnet ring can eliminate the process of splicing into a circle.It can be magnetized for multi-poles,which gives motor assembly convenience.
  7. The magnet is Nano-crystalline structure with high density and ED coating with excellent corrosion resistance.
  8. The magnet is mainly applied on many kinds of automotive motors,servo motors and brushless motors for power tools.
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