Magnetic gears are utilized in conveyors frequently. They serve to transport items such as LCDs, PCB panels, and other similar components.

Additionally, biopharmaceuticals, medicines, and chemicals also necessitate the use of magnetic gears.

Magnetic gear is a power transmission device that operates by utilizing magnetic attraction and repulsion.

You may have a significant advantage over conventional power transmission.


Multi-poles structure by alternate magnetized N poles & S poles.
Utilize attraction force between different poles,and repulsion force between same poles to transmit rotation power.


Role of magnetic gear is to transmit rotation power or transfer rotational motion to linear motion without mechanical contact such as by traditional coupling, gear and ball screw.

Magnetic gears suit for those who have troubles as below.

1. They want to transmit the rotation over the partition wall.

(No sealing is required.)

2. They are in trouble of frequent parts mount-dismount & maintanance.

3. They want to reduce noise & vibration.

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