With the development of artificial intelligence and automation technology, more and more electromechanical products with fine control are used. Miniaturization, light weight and high efficiency are trends of motors. Sintered NdFeB magnetic ring is the first choice for making small high-energy motors Key material, but the production process is relatively complicated and the price is high. Currently, it is mainly used in high-performance permanent magnet motors and sensors. It has the advantages of high precision, stable operation and low noise. It is the first choice for high-speed, high-precision control motors. As technology continues to mature, the price and performance will continue to meet most application fields.


In the application of permanent magnet motors, sintered NdFeB magnetic tiles are usually bonded into a ring. Because the processing of tile-shaped magnets belongs to heterosexual processing, the limitation of the processing accuracy of the angle and inner and outer surfaces makes the dynamic balance of the spliced magnetic ring poor, and the transition area between the magnetic poles formed is large, which makes the motor generate noise and vibration. Generally, magnetic tiles are magnetized before installation, which is not conducive to installation, and also greatly increases the amount of labor and installation cost;


Sintered NdFeB multi-pole magnetic ring, because it is an integral magnetic ring, can maintain the consistency of size after processing, which can effectively reduce the noise and vibration of the motor and improve the stability of the motor. Since the inner and outer surfaces of the entire magnetic ring can be radiated and magnetized at a certain angle, and the transition area between the magnetic poles is small, the performance of the motor can be significantly improved.


The sintered NdFeB multi-pole magnetic ring has the characteristics of the distribution of the surface magnetic curve in the shape of a sine wave. The ultra-high surface magnetic field can greatly improve the efficiency of the motor. Without reducing efficiency, the motor can be further lightened and miniaturized and efficient. The sintered NdFeB multi-stage radiation magnetic ring overcomes the disadvantages of magnetic loss and difficult assembly of the spliced magnetic ring, and can replace the traditional tile-shaped block.


Sintered NdFeB multi-pole magnetic ring has ultra-high surface magnetic field, simple assembly, stable magnetic circuit, higher mechanical precision, assembled with non-magnetic shaft rod, and will not reduce magnetic performance, and realizes efficient utilization of permanent magnetic materials and other advantages, more and more are being applied, and the permanent magnet motor of this kind of magnetic ring is used in the fully automated and high-precision control equipment. For example, in the fields of CNC machine tools, aviation, aerospace, military high-precision weapons, robots, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.


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