What is an e-axle?

The electric drive axle is a mechatronics drive system designed for electric vehicles, including the vehicle's power system and transmission system, which can provide power for the vehicle, bear the load, reduce the speed, increase the torque and ensure the differential speed between the left and right wheels, etc. Function. It is mainly composed of motor, inverter, transmission and other components. Through reasonable design optimization and systematic and reliable bench test, the compactness, light weight, high efficiency and long life of the product can be realized.


Category of Electric Drive Axle

 Centralized Electric Drive Axle

The centralized electric drive axle has a complex structure, but it has the advantages of low cost, less impact on the design of the transmission system, and low development difficulty.


Distributed electric drive axle

The distributed electric drive axle has the advantages of simple structure, light weight and high efficiency, but it is difficult to control the differential speed and has a large unsprung mass.


Generally speaking, the motor of the centralized electric drive axle is located in the center of the axle, while the motors of the distributed electric drive axle are located on both sides of the axle.


The core of the electric drive axle - permanent magnet synchronous motor

As the core component of electric vehicles, the electric drive axle directly determines the performance of electric vehicles. In order to further reduce the volume and quality of electric drive axles and improve performance, permanent magnet synchronous motors have become the mainstream for current vehicle motors, which have significant advantages in terms of torque density, power density, and efficiency.


Reliable Nd-Fe-B Permanent Magnet

In the electric drive axle, the application has a small shape and is easy to install NdFeB permanent magnets to improve the efficiency and stability of electric drive, reduce the bad phenomenon of flux linkage, burden current fluctuations, and ensure the stable and reliable operation of the power supply.


NdFeB permanent magnets are the most important magnetic materials for driving motors, which can greatly improve the energy efficiency of motors and reduce energy loss. Under the circumstances that the energy transformation policy promotes the growth of demand for clean energy, the production capacity of domestic NdFeB deep processing enterprises has begun to expand production capacity in line with market demand, and the demand for high-performance NdFeB permanent magnets for new energy vehicles continues to rise.



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