The oil-cooled speed-regulating magnetic couplings have the characteristics of low energy consumption, low cost, and long life. At the same time, it has a complete range of product models, which can well meet the needs of users for energy saving and consumption reduction.

Principle: When the motor rotates, it drives the conductor disk to cut the magnetic force line in the strong magnetic field generated by the disk, and then generates an eddy current in the conductor disk, which in turn generates an induced magnetic field around the conductor disk, preventing the relative movement between the conductor disk and the disk, so as to realize the torque transmission between the motor and the load;


Air gap: The gap between the conductor disk and the disk;


Slip: Magnetic induction is generated by the relative motion between the magnet and the conductor, the output speed of the magnetic coupling is always smaller than the input speed, and the speed difference is called slip;


Features: The smaller the air gap, the stronger the torque transmission capability;


According to the functional classification, magnetic couplings are mainly divided into two categories: torque-limiting type and speed-regulating type. The speed-regulating permanent magnet coupling can adjust the size of the air gap through the controller. When the controller receives the control signal, the controller recognizes, calculates and converts the signal, and sends an adjustment command to the actuator, and the actuator It can adjust the air gap between the copper rotor and the permanent magnet rotor, accurately control the output speed of the working machine, realize precise control of centrifugal load flow, pressure, etc., replace the original valve flow control method, and overcome throttling loss. According to the centrifugal load characteristics, under similar working conditions, the flow rate is proportional to the first power of the speed, and the power is proportional to the third power of the speed. After reducing the pump shaft speed, the power of the pump shaft drops more. Compared with the original valve control, the energy-saving effect can reach 20%-40%. It can also solve the problem of high motor configuration of "big horse-drawn carts", reducing the installed cost by 10%-25%.


The speed-regulating coupling adopts different cooling methods according to the power. The load below 500kW adopts air-cooled natural cooling, and the load above 500kW adopts circulating coolant cooling. At the same time, it is divided into water-cooled speed-regulating magnetic coupling according to the different cooling liquid media. And oil-cooled speed-adjustable magnetic coupling. Compared with water-cooled couplings, oil-cooled couplings have the following advantages:


(1) The internal parts of the oil-cooled coupling are in an oil mist environment, and there will be no corrosion to affect the strength of the parts. At the same time, the oil mist helps to slow down the wear of moving parts, thereby improving the service life of the equipment.


(2) The bearing lubrication of the oil-cooled coupling and the cooling of the magnetic conductor use the same medium, and there is no need to increase the sealing isolation inside the equipment. The water-cooled coupling needs to design a sealing structure to separate the cooling water from the bearing. Therefore, the structure of the oil-cooled coupling is relatively simple, the reliability is high, and the bearing will not be damaged by water ingress due to seal failure.


(3) The water-cooled coupling has high requirements on the quality of cooling water. When there are many impurities in the water, it will cause accumulated wear and tear on the parts splashed on it, which will affect the dynamic balance of the equipment.


The oil-cooled speed-adjustable coupling is equipped with instrument components such as bearing temperature measuring resistors, speed sensors, oil station flowmeters, oil station PT100 temperature measuring resistors, and pressure transmitters. Various data are monitored and displayed, and the real-time operation data of the equipment can be uploaded to the user's central control system.


The oil-cooled speed-regulating magnetic coupling products have been widely used in large enterprises such as Hunan Iron and Steel, Shaoguan Iron and Steel, and Datang Power Plant.




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