Sweeping machine magnetic ring, a multi-pole ring magnet applied to the steering wheel (left and right wheel) motor of the sweeping machine, mainly plays an inductive role and escorts the safety of the sweeping robot. Today we mainly introduce its function on the sweeping machine, which is commonly used in the market Specifications, magnetization methods, and product drawings.


1 The role of the Hall induction magnetic ring of the sweeping robot. The main function of the magnetic ring (injection molded ferrite) on the walking wheel of the sweeping robot is to control the motor speed and steering.


2 Common specifications of the magnetic ring of the rotary motor of the sweeper at present, the mass-produced floor sweeper magnetic ring specifications in the market mainly include these types, namely D18*2.25*3.6, D18*1.96*3.6, D18*2.25*3, D18*2.25*3.2, the outer diameter is 18mm, and the inner diameter is 18mm. slightly different from height.


3 The magnetization direction and number of poles of the induction magnetic ring of the sweeping robot There are mainly four types: axial 8 poles, axial 16 poles, axial 24 poles, and axial 32 poles.


4 Sweeping robot single-sided multi-pole magnetic ring 2D drawing



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