We all know that most of the finished sintered NdFeB magnets need to be electroplated, and different electroplating processes are adopted according to the different use environments of the products. Commonly used electroplating methods are: nickel plating and zinc plating. Galvanized is widely used in various industries because of its cheap price. Many people will ask how long is the salt spray test of galvanized NdFeB magnets?


First of all, let's understand why NdFeB magnets need to be tested in salt spray?

NdFeB magnets are widely used in industrial fields. The salt spray test is one of the important tests for the performance of neodymium magnets, because neodymium magnets have the disadvantages of easy corrosion and oxidation. Prolonged exposure of neodymium magnets to salt water, saline air, or harsh chemicals can accelerate corrosion. Many harsh working environments will cause the magnet to be corroded, which will affect its service life. Therefore, generally according to customer needs, the magnet factory will conduct salt spray tests on product samples.


However, most customers do not need to do salt spray testing. If there is a special need, it is necessary to communicate with the magnet factory before purchasing.


 At present, there are mainly three mainstream salt spray tests, which are used to simulate different times.

A 24-hour neutral salt spray test is equivalent to about 1 year in a natural environment.

24 hours of acetic acid salt spray test is equivalent to 3 years in the natural environment.

24 hours of copper salt accelerated acetate spray test is equivalent to 8 years in the natural environment.

All of these types are accelerated tests to determine the corrosion resistance of paints and varnishes, metal products, lubricants, protective fluids and any other object that will be used in severe climatic conditions.


Galvanized NdFeB magnet salt spray test time?

There are many types of galvanized magnets, such as white zinc, blue and white zinc, blue zinc, colored zinc, black zinc and so on.


Salt spray test white zinc 16 hours: blue and white zinc 24 hours, color zinc 48 hours: black zinc 12 hours.


Generally speaking, if you need to pass the salt spray test for more than 24 hours, galvanized coating is not recommended, and nickel-plated coating can be used.


At present, the mainstream coating on the market is nickel-copper-nickel three-layer coating, which has strong anti-corrosion performance and high-cost performance.




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