Magnet Gear is also called rare earth neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) multi-pole magnetic gear - a power transmission device that utilizes the interaction principle of attraction and repulsion of strong magnets and non-mechanical contact. 



The magnetic gear is composed of neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) annular multi-pole radiation ring, and the bracket materials include aluminum alloy bracket (6061), 304 stainless steel bracket, and 316 stainless steel brackets, which are sintered and hot-pressed into a finished magnetic gear.

The magnetic gear has a variety of transmission methods:

1. Parallel drive magnetic gears

3. Right-angle driven magnetic gears (with disk coupler)

1. Parallel drive magnetic gears

2. Magnetic gears with right-angle drive

3.right angle cone transmission.(Some time people called magnetic bevel gears)

4. Magnetic gears with hybrid drive

5. Parallel driven magnetic gears (usually ablow gear also called:Magnetic disk couplings)


Working Principle:

Magnetic gears are products that are driven in a non-contact state in production lines such as LCD, PDP, PCB, OLED, and SOLARCELL that do not allow fine impurities in a clean environment. Replaces mechanical gears that rely on friction to drive.


The magnetic gear can fundamentally eliminate the problem of particles generated when using traditional mechanical gears. In addition, the use of NdFeB permanent magnets with excellent characteristics has the biggest advantages of high-power transmission capacity, no noise and no need to replace parts, and can be used semi-permanently. Solved the problem of not causing any damage even if there is an abnormal load.



ü Dust-free environment: Using magnetic force, in a non-contact state, torque transmission can be used to transmit products in a vacuum that requires a dust-free environment.


ü Low gas emission: from large machines to vacuum machines, in order to reduce gas emissions, according to special surface treatment, it can be used in an environment of 10-5PA


ü Subwoofer: It has an unimaginable subwoofer effect in transmission machines such as gears and conveyor belts in the past. Can provide a clean and tidy production environment.


ü Torque limit function: If an abnormal load occurs, the two magnetic gears will rotate separately to realize the torque limit function. In addition, because it is a non-contact environment, there is no mechanical wear, so it has a longer service life than previous transmission tools such as gears.


ü Cost reduction: There is no need to replace parts due to wear and tear, which reduces operating costs. Even if the vacuum standby is repeated, there will be no impact on the performance at all, so there is no need for a complicated and expensive design in the past.



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