The train is suspended in mid-air, with its own dazzling blue fluorescence, "shuttle and fly" in the city! Originally, it was only a scene in a science fiction film, but it actually happened in China. It is a real picture of the test run of the "Optics Valley Photon" on the Optics Valley Air Track!


Photo "Optics Valley Photon" runs on empty rails in the Optics Valley Ecological Corridor. Source: Changjiang Daily


On May 11, 2023, the much-anticipated Optics Valley Air Rail "Optics Valley Photon" launched intensive media visits and test rides. "It's the first time I took the Wuhan Empty Rail today. It's very comfortable. You can look up at the blue sky and white clouds and the scenery outside, just like riding a Ferris wheel!" Ms. Luo, a citizen of Wuhan, said excitedly after experiencing the Optics Valley Empty Rail.  Not just Ms. Luo, but all the "early adopters" passengers shouted "Great!"


What is it that makes everyone rave about it? 270° large transparent viewing, "panoramic sunroof" installed on the floor!

Image source: Changjiang Daily


"Photon" adopts the integrated design of commuting and sightseeing, takes advantage of the three-dimensional traffic in the air, adopts wide-opening side windows, and sets transparent viewing windows on the floor of the carriage. The whole car has a 270° viewing function, which can provide passengers, Tourists bring a new ride experience.


In addition to the landscape of the "glass plank road", you can also visit the "center of the universe" - Wuhan Optics Valley by taking the "Photon" train.


The first phase of the Optics Valley Air Rail project has a total length of about 10.5 kilometers. There is a vehicle base and 6 stations. At the same time, it can transfer with Metro Line 11 and Optics Valley Tram L2, which is convenient for passengers to visit the Optics Valley Ecological Corridor and scenic spots along the line.


 "Photon" is expected to be put into operation within this year, and will become a flowing aerial landscape and a new tourist business card of Optics Valley.


Who said that "Photon" is just a subway hanging upside down? No! Empty rail is a new type of low-volume rail transportation. Different from traditional transportation methods, the track is supported in the air by columns, and the train is suspended under the track to "fly in the air".


Empty rail driving does not occupy the right of way on the ground. It has the advantages of environmental protection, less land occupation, low cost, strong climbing ability, small turning radius, and strong environmental adaptability. It also has sightseeing functions.


Image source: Changjiang Daily

  It is understood that the "Optics Valley Photon" air-rail train has a high degree of intelligence, realizes intelligent perception, intelligent driving, and has a fully automatic driving function. Passengers only need to deal with emergencies with the vehicle. At the same time, "low-carbon" technologies such as high-efficiency and energy-saving permanent magnet motor traction, lightweight body, and frequency conversion air conditioner are adopted, and the per capita energy consumption per 100 kilometers of the train is reduced by 15%. The empty rail will also realize diversified integration of face recognition, QR code scanning, etc., to build "smart travel" in an all-round way.


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