Successful development of new structure fluorine plastic magnetic pump

The structure of the new structure fluorine plastic magnetic pump Combining years of experience in using magnetic pumps in various material environments, the Chinese company has jointly explored, continuously optimized and improved from the aspects of material selection, structure, and manufacturing precision, and developed a new structure of fluoroplastic magnetic pumps (see the figure below), which are used in Sulfuric acid cycle system.

Features of new structure fluorine plastic magnetic pump Use new materials. Corrosion-resistant, high-temperature-resistant, high-strength PFA material is used for the lining of the flow-passing parts, and the applicable working temperature is -20-180 °C, which meets the requirements of the chlor-alkali industry for pumps. Adopt a new structure. The transmission assembly adopts ceramic bearing auxiliary support and limit integrated structure, which cancels the design of the moving ring and static ring of the conventional fluoroplastic magnetic pump, and avoids the unstable factors of the axial movement of the impeller in the pump casing and the tightening of the pump body bolts. The impact of the gap required for impeller rotation, that is, the rotation gap of the impeller has nothing to do with the tightness of the pump assembly. A specially designed spiral groove is set on the silicon carbide bearing, which can generate a driving force during operation to push the material to accelerate the internal circulation, so it can transport the material containing a certain number of solid particles.


Improve manufacturing precision. After the assembly is completed, the gap between the impeller and the casing is 0.10-0.15 mm for back-and-forth movement, and 0.05-0.08 mm for side-to-side movement to ensure smooth operation of the pump, long life, low noise and small vibration.


The magnetic leakage problem of the outer magnetic cylinder is solved. The redesigned structure of the outer magnetic cylinder makes the magnetic leakage of the outer magnetic cylinder controlled at 20-30 Gs, which reduces the eddy current loss and improves the operating efficiency of the pump.


The non-metallic reinforcement sleeve is made of high-strength carbon fiber and special resin. The reinforcing sleeve has high compressive strength, high temperature resistance and certain corrosion resistance. As the support layer of the isolation sleeve, it not only effectively ensures the durability of the isolation sleeve, but also eliminates the disadvantages of eddy current heating and eddy current loss that cannot be avoided by the metal protective sleeve. The operating efficiency of the pump can be improved to be basically the same as that of comparable mechanical seal pumps, so the maximum flow rate of the fluoroplastic magnetic pump with this structure can reach 500 m3/h, breaking through the bottleneck of the flow rate of the fluoroplastic magnetic pump in China.


Apply Effects

The new-structure fluoroplastic magnetic pump has been running continuously for more than one year after it was put into use in the chlorine-dried sulfuric acid delivery system. During this period, it has not been shut down for maintenance, and there has been no sulfuric acid leakage, which has completely solved the problem of leakage of the sulfuric acid delivery pump. At the same time, the application range of the pump has been expanded, and it has been popularized in chlorine water circulation, evaporative lye circulation and other systems, and good results have been achieved.


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