The use of NdFeB permanent magnets in daily industrial products helps to speed up work efficiency, and NdFeB powerful magnets may have become an important part of it. In some applications, many jobs would not be possible to perform efficiently without magnets. Next, the editor will introduce several common applications of NdFeB strong magnets in the industrial field.


1. Magnetic sweeper

Magnetic sweepers are used to help reduce maintenance costs by removing potentially harmful metal objects from work areas. They act like magnetic brooms to prevent tire punctures on loading docks, driveways and airport landing strips. They can also help clear employee work areas and remove metal from the floor that may have been stepped on.

2. Sorting materials

Powerful magnets can be used to sort magnetic materials from non-magnetic materials. This is especially helpful in the mining industry to separate the mined metal from the ore. In the food industry, manufacturers use powerful magnets to draw tiny iron particles out of food. A more widely used sorting method uses permanent magnets to pick coins out of other materials.


3. Material separation

There are a variety of magnetic conveyors, separators, plates, pulleys and grates used to separate ferrous materials from industrial streams. Similar magnets are also used to retrieve ferrous objects from the depths of the ocean during ship rescue operations.

4. Product manufacturing

Some products contain permanent magnets as part of how they work. Examples include: headphones, computer and stereo speakers, doorbells, telephones, microwave ovens, televisions, computer monitors, power transformers, and more. Manufacturing these products would not be possible without permanent magnets.




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