Micro motors have great potential in the automotive industry

1. Pay attention to the development of electric vehicle drive motor and system

In order to protect the environment and save the increasingly scarce oil resources, automobile manufacturers all over the world attach great importance to the development and commercialization of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles mainly include pure electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and fuel cell electric vehicles. At present, hybrid electric vehicles have been commercialized, and the industrialization of fuel cell electric vehicles has also been completed, but no matter what kind of electric vehicle, it is a power system driven by a motor. For this reason, both at home and abroad attach great importance to the research and development of drive motors and their control systems, and motors and control systems with fast technological development, high efficiency, and high reliability have emerged continuously.

2. Bring energy-saving effect to electric power steering

Without power steering, the steering wheel is easy to turn at high speeds, but it is very difficult to turn the steering wheel when turning slowly. The newly adopted electric power steering system can replace the traditional hydraulic power steering system, making driving labor-saving and safe, and saving energy.

Traditional automotive power steering systems are generally hydraulic power steering systems composed of valve bodies and hydraulic power cylinders. In order to ensure reliable operation of the system, a small load must be continuously applied to the engine, even when power steering is not needed. Loads are also applied to the engine. At present, the automotive electric power steering system that uses a non-contact rotary transformer to replace the valve body and a servo motor to replace the hydraulic power cylinder is being developed and started. It only needs to absorb electric energy when power steering is needed. Compared with the former, it can Save 3% to 5% of energy.

At the same time, the electric power steering system also has the advantages of simple mechanical structure, high reliability, good road feeling, quick response and high safety. Precision servo motors and non-contact resolvers for automotive electric power steering systems are the core components of automotive electric power steering systems. The precision servo motors can be brushed DC servo motors or brushless DC servo motors.

3. Electric drive realizes mechatronics

In order to improve the comfort of car use and expand the value-added space of cars. In the past, mechanical devices that were manually controlled, such as car door locks, windows, seat steering, rearview mirrors, wipers, and other subsystems, can be changed from mechanical devices that were originally manually operated to motor drives, and gradually realize the automation of automotive control devices. Mechatronics.

The motor drive of the micro motor in the car is mainly distributed in the engine, chassis, body and accessories of the car. One is the application of automobile engine components: mainly in automobile starters, EFI control systems, engine water tank radiators and generators. Multiple DC motors must be used in these components. The second is the application on the chassis frame of the automobile: mainly in the application of the electronic suspension control system of the automobile, the electric power steering device, the automobile stability control system, the automobile cruise control system, the anti-lock brake control system and the driving power control system. Among them, permanent magnet DC motors or permanent magnet stepping motors are widely used. The third is the application of automobile body parts: mainly in the application of central door lock devices, electric rearview mirrors, automatic lifting antennas, electric sunroofs, automatic headlights, electric car seat adjusters, etc. Among them, permanent magnet DC motors and permanent magnet stepper motors are commonly used. The fourth is the application of automobile accessories: mainly in the application of vacuum cleaners, inflators, air pumps, polishing machines, electric seat massagers and other devices.

Application status of micro motors in the automotive industry

1. Thinner and smaller

The shape of automotive micro motors is developing in the direction of flat, disk, lightweight and short, so as to meet the needs of the specific environment of the car. In order to reduce the overall size, first consider the use of high-performance NdFeB permanent magnet materials. For example, the magnet weight of a 1000W ferrite starter is 220g, and the weight of NdFeB magnet is only 68g. Adopting the scheme of integrating the starter motor and the generator, the weight is reduced by half compared with the separated one. DC permanent magnet motors with disk-type wire-wound rotors and printed winding rotors have been developed at home and abroad, which can also be applied to the cooling and ventilation of engine water tanks and air conditioner condensers. Flat permanent magnet stepping motors can be used in various electronic devices such as automobile speedometers and taximeters. Recently, Japan has introduced ultra-thin centrifugal fan motors with a thickness of only 20mm, which can be installed on small frame walls. It is used for ventilation and cooling on occasions.

2. Efficiency

For example, the wiper motor has greatly reduced the load on the motor bearing (reduced by 95%) through the improvement of the structure of the reducer, the volume has been reduced, the weight has been reduced by 36%, and the motor torque has been increased by 25%. At present, most automotive micro motors use ferrite magnets. With the increase in cost performance of NdFeB magnets, ferrite magnets will be replaced, which will surely make automotive micro motors lighter and more efficient.

3. Brushless

 In accordance with the requirements of automobile control and drive automation, reduction of failure rate, and elimination of radio interference, under the support of high-performance permanent magnet materials, power electronics technology, and microelectronics technology, permanent magnet DC motors of various specifications widely used in automobiles will be applied to wireless the direction of brushing is developing. Dynamic black notes.

4. Motor control DSP

In the engine control, automatic speed control, anti-skid brake control, steering control, vehicle floating control, speed automatic conversion control and other systems in high-end and luxurious cars, micro-motors controlled by DSP (some with electronic the control part is placed in the end cover of the motor, so that the control unit and the motor are integrated). By knowing how many micro-motors are equipped with a car, we can observe the level of the car's configuration and the degree of comfort and luxury. In today's period of rapid expansion of automobile demand, the application range of automotive micro motors is becoming wider and wider, and the entry of foreign capital has also made the competition in the micro motor industry intensified. The prospect of development is broad, and micro-special motors will also have great achievements in the field of automotive electronics.





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