In recent years, more and more people use permanent magnet motors, because permanent magnet motors have many advantages, so everyone chooses it.


1. Good power generation performance at medium and low speeds

In the case of the same power level, at idle speed, the output power of the permanent magnet generator is twice that of the excitation generator, that is to say, the excitation generator of the actual power level of the permanent magnet generator.


2. Simple structure and high reliability

The permanent magnet generator eliminates the excitation winding, carbon brush and slip ring structure of the excitation generator, and the structure of the whole machine is simple, which avoids the easy burning and disconnection of the excitation winding of the excitation generator, and the easy wear of the carbon brush and slip ring. failure, the reliability is greatly improved.


3. Can significantly prolong battery life and reduce battery maintenance work

The main reason is that the permanent magnet generator adopts a switch-type rectification and voltage stabilization method, which has high voltage regulation accuracy and good charging effect. It avoids the shortening of battery life caused by over-current charging. The open-type rectification output of the permanent magnet generator uses small current pulses to charge the battery, and the charging effect is better with the same charging current, thereby prolonging the service life of the battery.


4. Small size, light weight, high specific power

The adoption of the permanent magnet rotor structure makes the internal structure design of the generator very compact, and the volume and weight are greatly reduced. The simplification of the structure of the permanent magnet rotor also reduces the moment of inertia of the rotor, increases the practical speed, and achieves a very high specific power (that is, the ratio of power to volume).


5. Using a self-starting voltage regulator

No need for external excitation power supply. The generator generates electricity as long as it spins. When the battery is damaged, the car charging system can still work normally as long as the engine is running. If the car does not have a storage battery, the ignition operation can also be realized as long as the handle is turned or the car slipped.


6. High efficiency

The permanent magnet generator is an energy-saving product. The permanent magnet rotor structure eliminates the excitation power required to generate the rotor magnetic field and the mechanical loss of friction between carbon brushes and slip rings, which greatly improves the efficiency of the permanent magnet generator. The average efficiency of ordinary excitation generators is only 45% to 55% in the speed range between 1500 rpm and 6000 rpm, while that of permanent magnet generators can be as high as 75% to 80%.


7. No radio interference

The permanent magnet generator has no carbon brush and no slip ring structure, which eliminates the radio interference caused by the friction between the carbon brush and the slip ring; Requirements for ambient temperature.



8. Especially suitable for working in wet or dusty harsh environment.

It is precisely because permanent magnet motors have the advantages of the above eight points that everyone will choose permanent magnet motors for use. Of course, everything is not perfect. The above is the introduction of the advantages of permanent magnet motors. Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, and permanent magnet motors are no exception. It not only has so many advantages, but also has a small number. Some of the shortcomings are insufficient.


If the permanent magnet motor is used improperly, when working at too high or too low temperature, under the action of the armature reaction generated by the impact current, or under severe mechanical vibration, irreversible demagnetization may occur, making the motor Performance is degraded, or even unusable. Therefore, special attention should be paid when using permanent magnet motors.


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