Trade Assurance

Trade assurance summary


We provide our customers with the following 3 types of guarantees: Product quality assurance, Transaction security, Warranty Policy. These policies are developed and implemented so that we can become a permanent partner of our customers, because only with long-term cooperation will both parties make profits together. A smart businessman will never lose the trust of customers to us because of gaining irregular benefits.


The trust of our customers is most important to us, it is the golden key to our prosperity.


1.Product quality assurance


Our cooperative factory has been designing, producing, and manufacturing magnet products since 2010 and supplying to customers in USA, Japan, Korea, and Germany, and we have ISO9001 and SGS certificates. If you are interested in our cooperation, we can provide these specific proofs.


2.Transaction security


For orders under $1000, we accept T/T ( TelegraphicTransfer ) payment only. We will provide you with the fastest delivery service after payment is received.

For orders over 1000 USD, in addition to T/T ( TelegraphicTransfer ) payment, we cooperate with alibaba, and additionally support Alibaba Trade Assurance, which is a third-party organization: alibaba to do the transaction guarantee, to ensure that both parties' money, goods The service is guaranteed by a third party: alibaba. The service has a maximum guarantee fee of $300 per order, which is shared equally between buyers and sellers.

3.Warranty Policy

Standard product warranty policy:

The specifications and dimensions of our standard products are accurately stated on our web page or in our emails. If they are damaged within six months under your normal use environment and conditions, we will provide repair parts at no charge after you provide proof of damage.

The proof of damage can be video, text, photo description, as long as it can accurately explain the product problem, we will provide the parts for repairing your equipment free of charge.

Custom product warranty policy:

After we receive your custom drawings, our engineers will evaluate the feasibility of the product, and we will inform our customers of the evaluation results in a timely and transparent manner. We want to produce a product that will help the customer, not a magnet accessory that the customer cannot use. We have encountered such cases before, and we made a full refund for the customer before production costs were incurred.

Custom products are produced exactly to your specifications, and if the production is not up to standard, we assume responsibility for rework and repair. We will promptly alert the customer to design defects within our ability. But if it is caused by your design defect, we do not take any responsibility.