Magnetic bevel gear

Magnetic bevel gears

Perpendicular type of magnetic gear, magnets arranged at 90°.​ we are magnetic gear manufacturers, we support custom magnetic gear of any size.

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Non-contact transmission components are mechanical parts that utilize magnetic force to convey motion without the need for physical contact. Rotational motion is produced by harnessing the two forces of attraction and repulsion arising from the magnetic field of a strong magnet. The use of non-contact transmission components allows for efficient and quiet power transmission while minimizing particle generation. Moreover, non-contact transmission effectively prevents cogging and potential damage during operation. These components also offer a broad spectrum of eccentric center and angle options for installation, making removal and centering processes straightforward. They are particularly suitable for environments such as cleanrooms, food processing machinery, and pumps, where cleanliness must be preserved. A variety of these components incorporate permanent magnets, which have a long operational life. Additionally, many types are designed for outdoor use. Common materials include metals, and the heat resistance capabilities are determined by the material’s properties.