How to order with us

Order CCmagnetics products in a few simple steps.

1.1 Confirm Your Requirements

All products sold by CCMagnetics have detailed product specifications listed on their respective product pages. These products are standard offerings. If you require additional customization, please inform us of your specific needs via email. We will promptly assess whether your request can be fulfilled. Our email response time typically does not exceed 24 hours. If we are unable to meet your requirements, we will also promptly inform you.

1.2 Confirming the Final Quote
When you inquire with CCmagnetics, we will collect your country name and zip code to provide you with a quick quote using this information as the default shipping address. The quote includes:
1. Product price
2. Magnetic inspection fee
3. Shipping costs
The quote typically does not include taxes or customs clearance fees in your location. For the magnetic inspection fee, other companies charge a $50 magnetic inspection fee, while CCmagnetics only charges $39. This fee is mandatory for air shipments. If you use sea, land, or rail transportation, the magnetic inspection fee may vary.
Additional Notes:
- The quote is valid for 30 days.
- Please note that the final price may vary depending on the exchange rate and other factors.
- We only accept T/T payment methods (bank wire transfer).
- For any questions or concerns, please contact our sales team.
2.1 Payment

CCmagnetics only accepts payment via TT (Telegraphic Transfer, also known as bank wire). We do not accept credit cards or PayPal.

Upon receiving your payment, we will immediately start processing your order. Your delivery date will be calculated from the time we confirm receipt of your payment.

2.2 Shipping

For orders with a total value less than USD 10,000, we will ship using DAP terms, which stands for "Delivered at Place" or "Door to Door." Our quotes include shipping and handling fees by default. Our partner logistics companies can typically deliver goods to any country in the world. Of course, we can also choose a delivery method according to your specific needs.

Delivery time:

For customized products and products that are out of stock: The default delivery time is 30 business days after payment. If our factory does not have a long queue of orders, the delivery time may be earlier than this. For in-stock products: We will ship within 7 business days of receiving your payment.

3.1 After-sales Service

Complete Accessories and Lifelong Technical Support

Upon receiving your order, you will find all the necessary auxiliary accessories included with your product. We also provide lifelong technical support for our products.

Your Satisfaction, Our Priority

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us. For significant issues, we will promptly initiate a return process, send a replacement product, or credit your next order with the amount corresponding to your previous loss.

3.2 Returns and Repairs
If the images, videos, or test reports you provide clearly demonstrate that the fault lies with our product, we will initiate the return process.
Due to the special nature of shipping magnetic products, we only support returns to our port for large-scale returns.
For small-scale orders, if there is a major problem with the product, we will resend a new product to you free of charge.
For large-scale orders, we will send an engineer to the site for repair. Our company will bear the travel expenses.
For small-scale orders, we will provide video remote guidance.