Weak stray magnetic fields can interfere with aircraft navigation systems and control signals. Therefore, magnetic inspection is required for magnetic air cargo to ensure the safety of the aircraft. The main purpose of magnetic inspection is to determine whether the magnetic field strength of an item is dangerous. Magnetic inspection refers to detecting the magnetic size of goods within a certain distance. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) stipulates that for packaged goods, if the maximum magnetic field strength is 2.1M (7ft) from any point on the packaging surface, below 0.159A/m (200 nT), the goods can be transported as general goods.
In order to meet this requirement, we need to shield the magnetic field on the exported magnetic components, and the cost becomes the following three parts:

1. Magnet components require customized Expandable Polyethylene packaging to protect them; This kind of packaging will make the magnet absorb shock and interference between the magnetic field and protect it better.
2. Take shielding measures for magnetic components
3. Magnetic inspection fee. As long as the magnet assembly is transported by airplane, the magnet aeronautical safety inspection must be carried out. Usually, aviation inspection agencies will charge $42 per time (only including 1 cubic meters), and the magnet shipper needs to pay $10 as labor fee to the errand staff.

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